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Our Wedding DJ Services in New Delhi, India

If you are planning your wedding and require DJ services right according to your requirements of music taste and style of music you love to be played on your special wedding day. We are the right choice. You will trust blindly for the DJ services. Meet M.K. Bhagat for the best DJ services and he has a good ability to attract the audience or guests to dance on the dance floor and create a fun vibe at the wedding.

Special Moments: 

We can make every moment special of your wedding whether it’s a small or big function from the Roka ceremony to the Vidaai ceremony of the whole wedding. We add all the stars to make moments memorable with the best Wedding DJ services/music.

Roka Ceremony – The Roka Ceremony is a traditional Punjabi wedding ceremony. It is a celebration of the love between two people, and it is an important part of their relationship. The DJ for this ceremony will be responsible for creating a fun atmosphere and keeping the crowd entertained throughout the event.

Engagement Ceremony – Deemed one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies not only in Hindu weddings but in other religions as well, they make a formal wedding announcement of their children to the guests. The bride and the groom then exchange rings to solidify their engagement. After the rings were exchanged by the bride and groom, they all celebrated by having a dance on the dance floor.

Mehendi Ceremony – Mehendi Ceremony is about applying Henna to the bride’s hands and feet. The event takes place usually in the evening amidst a lot of dancing and music by family members and friends.

Sangeet Ceremony – Seen as a women-centric event, Sangeet is probably the most fun Hindu pre-wedding ceremony. Therefore, one can see that special themes are chosen for this occasion and dance performances are prepared.

Tilak/Sagan Ceremony – Tilak Ceremony is reckoned as the first step to the bond between the two families. This auspicious event takes place mostly in the groom’s residence, where the male members of the bride’s family visit to put Kumkum or vermilion on his forehead. Apart from this, music and dance are also a major part of this ceremony in many states.

Haldi Ceremony – In this ceremony, a paste of Haldi is applied to the bride and the groom’s body before or on the morning of their wedding day. By applying the Haldi music is also played and ladies and the bride’s friends dance at this ceremony.

Bride Entry – This is the most important moment for any girl in her life that she has been dreaming about their wedding day entry since childhood. To make that moment most special and memorable, we play the bride’s favorite song according to her choice and best suitable at the bride’s entry for the jai mala ceremony.

Bride and Groom Dance – After the Jaimala ceremony, the most important bride and groom dance together on the dance floor to some romantic song to make them feel more wonderful about the wedding.

Siblings Performances – on the wedding day, the siblings/friends of the bride and groom prepare some kind of performance of dance or short act about the meeting story of the couple. This dance or act makes the moments most mesmerizing for the whole life of the wedding couple.

Vidaai – In Indian weddings or some other religious weddings, this is the most downhearted moment when the bride has to leave the house and go along with the groom to her in-law’s house. To add some feeling to this moment, we play songs accordingly.

Hence, The DJ Services play songs according to the wedding environment, ceremony, and moments. And make every single moment memorable and don’t forgettable. You will always love to call us at your family functions, parties, or some kind of get-together for DJing.